Classical vs Quantum Computation

It is believed that quantum computers provide some advantage over classical computers, but do they really? We will look at both closing the gap between classical and quantum and at solidifying it.

Simulating quantum chemistry

Andrew Guo presents an overview of quantum Hamiltonian simulation and quantum chemistry, with an eye on both the near-term and long-term applications.

ThinkQ Afterthoughts

At the conclusion of the conference, the Vice President of IBM Q, Dario Gil, convened a panel discussion of quantum computing experts from industry and academia. They discussed the current outlook as well as the future of quantum computation. The three of us (Eddie Schoute, Andrew Guo, and Aniruddha Bapat) had a conversation about the themes brought up during the discussion.

QCrypt 2016

The QCrypt 2016 conference in Washington DC on quantum cryptography.